Not Forgotten – Remembering Folks Long After a Trauma or Death

I never really worried about dying and since my gift has really broken through, my seeing death as the end is gone. My world seems slower, less quick. However, my personal time has been greatly reduced. Good readings take time, preparation. Questions and answers, tearful goodbyes, it all takes time.

6.You hear them. If you are clairaudient (clear hearing), you may hear with your inner ear the ghost’s voice. (see #4). This is a great opportunity to ask the spirit what message he/she has for you or to find out who is visiting and why.

The Global Consciousness Project has shown how collective emotional states can be detected, and Rupert Sheldric confirms these findings with his work on morphic fields, which form within and around groups or units and organize their characteristic structure and pattern of activity. It’s no mystery that the magnetic field of earth plays a vital role in sustaining life on earth. Not only does the magnetic field shield us from the sun, it is also used by animals for navigation and, research now shows, humans for communication as well. Sheldric’s work includes studies on what many call the sixth sense, specifically whether we really can feel when someone is staring at us.

For the sauce, in a pan, cover all wings equally. Mix up water, soy sauce, sugar, catsup, vinegar and boil them all together and at random turn the mixture. As the mixture thicken , on a medium heat add the wings and cook them. Stir in way that all wings are covered totally with the sauce.

This visit ended up becoming a milestone in my spiritual journey because I took the necessary steps to investigate the possibility of something else being out there. I thought that if as she said there were Angels, Master Guides, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Saints, Archangels and my departed relatives on the other side then I wanted to understand because I sure wasn’t getting adequate answers by any other means. It turns out though, Divine Source, in its many forms was helping me all along, but I was unintentionally ignoring the signs.

An example of an induced magnet is a safety pin that becomes magnetized when placed on or near a magnet, but has no magnetic properties when removed from the vicinity of the magnet.

All this thinking about random acts of kindness brought back a childhood memory for me. When my family would go on car trips, my father sometimes had a random act of kindness all his own. When our car would get to the toll booth (long before E-Z pass), my father would tell the toll booth attendant to charge him twice: once for him and once for the car behind us. The tollbooth attendant would need a moment to digest what my father was requesting, but after a second he understood. (I must add that my father had no idea who was behind us in the toll line.)